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Oct 09, 2006

Make Senses Fail "Oven Fresh"

Senses Fail is now being featured on FUSE's Oven Fresh site. You can vote for them here.

Oct 09, 2006

Album OUT NOW!!

The new Senses Fail album 'Still Searching' is out today! You can stream the whole album on the bands "myspace": page and also check out an ecard "here":

Oct 05, 2006

HUGE Senses Fail Giveaway!

Our friends over at Ed Hardy and FUSE have put together an amazing contest including giving away close to $1,000 in Ed Hardy gear. You can also win a ton of Senses Fail swag as well. Enter here.

Sep 27, 2006

FATA In Studio!

From Autumn To Ashes are currently recording with Brian McTernan (Senses Fail, Thrice, Hot Water Music). New album we be released early next year on Vagrant Records.

Sep 21, 2006

For Senses Fail Fans In Philly And San Francisco!

If you pre-order Senses Fail's new album "Still Searching" and you are from Philadelphia or San Francisco you can get a ticket to see the band live. You can pre-order it here.

Sep 12, 2006

Another New Senses Fail Track!

Senses Fail have posted new song 'Shark Attack' on their "myspace": page. Track is taken from the forthcoming album 'Still Searching' out October 9th on Vagrant Records.

Sep 11, 2006

New Senses Fail Track/iTunes Bundle!

Today, Senses Fail released a new track off of 'Still Searching' titled "Shark Attack". You can listen to it at the Senses Fail Myspace page.

Also, tomorrow iTunes will release a special Senses Fail bundle. For 99 cents you can get "Calling All Cars" off of 'Still Searching' as well as the unreleased track "Stretch Your Legs To Coffin Length".

Sep 07, 2006

iTunes Bundle / New Track From Senses Fail!

Staring Tuesday 9/12 you can purchase a special Senses Fail bundle for only 99 cents. The bundle consists of "Calling All Cars" off of 'Still Searching' and the unreleased track "Stretch Your Legs To Coffin Length". You can find the track on the Senses Fail iTunes page starting Tuesday 9/12. SF iTunes Page.

Also, on Monday 9/11 Senses Fail will release another track off of 'Still Searching' titled Shark Attack.You can check out their Myspace page here.

Sep 01, 2006

New Senses Fail Track On Myspace!

Senses Fail is currently streaming Calling All Cars off their new album "Still Searching". You can check it out here.

Jul 28, 2006

New Senses Fail Album Still Searching 10-10-06!

On October 10th Vagrant Records will release Senses Fail's second full-length Still Searching. You can read more about the release and what the band is up to here.